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Greed makes people crazy and nothing makes people greedier than a certain precious metal. In “Gold” (2022), Zac Efron finds himself in a version of “Mad Max” with much fewer contraptions. Hobbled but still optimistic, he hitches a ride across this dystopian wasteland, where he and his cohort stumble upon the unexpected. Predictably rapacious hijinks ensue. Zac starts out needing a bath and as the film drags itself into “Revenant” territory, I stayed interested by wondering how much dirtier he’d actually get (you’d be surprised). You probably won’t be surprised by how this painfully tedious exercise in degeneration turns out.

Matthew McConaughey’s character isn’t particularly attractive – visually or otherwise – in “Gold” (2016). Given the fact that much of McConaughey’s popularity rests in aesthetics, it’s not surprising this movie was quickly shuffled into the discount bin at Blockbuster (theoretically, I mean, after all, the movie is set in the 1980s). That’s too bad, because if you can see through the haze of Seagram’s and Marlboro, there’s a complex and interesting story (and Bryce Dallas Howard) there. Maybe too complex (the story, not Bryce). But it’s not like you’re tired of 1980s-based films about commodities dealing (“Trading Places” was a long time ago).