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Muhammad Ali was the first great sports figure created by the television age. Everybody knows his story. So instead of trying to retell that story via a conventional biopic, “Ali” (2001) just kind of does its own thing. It’s a cross between an art film and a faux documentary. It’s fascinating, because, I mean, you know the real story, but you never know when the movie is going to stick to reality or just start freelancing a non-linear rearrangement of somewhat actual events. Best of all, Will Smith’s supporting cast is an awesome combination of minimalist and scenery chewing performances.

So this is what Tyler Perry is like when he’s not dressed like a grandma? Perry plays a Detroit homicide detective who’s a genius AND a badass in “Alex Cross” (2012). He’s like one of those quirky characters that populate TV these days (“House,” “The Mentalist,” “Elementary”) that has the ability to find obscure clues that nobody else notices. Plus, he’s like six-foot-a-hundred and carries a big-ass shotgun. So there’s that. But the whole movie seemed kind of cookie-cutter. Which makes sense, since it’s based on a novel by the prolific James Patterson. So at least it’s a tasty cookie.