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The lonely bleakness of a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Scotland is the perfect setting for the equally bleak “The Vanishing” (2019). The keepers of the light – through no fault of their own – suddenly have a secret to keep as well. Things rapidly degenerate from there, in a Hitchcock-like descent into violence and paranoia, unfolding like so many other movies where a handful of people are trapped somewhere. But there’s something missing. It’s like a slasher movie without a slasher. Things seem to be building toward something, but we never get there. It’s us who are trapped.

If you skip your daughter’s cello recital to do big-time lawyer stuff, some CIA-trained psychopath is going to kill half of Philadelphia. That is the main lesson to be learned from “Law Abiding Citizen”(2009), in which Jamie Foxx is the big-time lawyer and Gerard Butler is the CIA-trained psychopath. I might be oversimplifying. I was too caught up in all the big, sloppy revenge Butler was taking on an American legal system that promotes expediency over justice (I am a long-time fan of big, sloppy revenge). If the sloppiness makes you feel guilty, the ending will bail you out.

Pro tip: Never watch a DVD that’s been previously touched – even once – by someone under the age of 21, because it will be scratched all to hell. Having said that, I still enjoyed muddling through my borrowed copy of “300” (2007). Despite missing most of the climax, I know the story (outnumbered Spartans are total badasses). Besides, the story isn’t the point. This film is notable because of its ground-breaking special effects, which give you the surreal feeling that you are either watching a comic book come to life or a commercial for the best video game of all time.