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I vaguely recall a lousy sitcom plot years ago where a dude stages an event that puts a woman in danger so he can save her, and therefore win her heart. Little did I know in 2022 someone would try to twist that concept into an action flick. Who needs couples counseling when you can rescue your abducted wife? “Last Seen Alive” finds a fractious couple near the end of a long car trip when missing persons hijinks ensue. Grumpy real estate developer Gerard Butler turns into Liam Neeson, except his special skills don’t include avoiding an absolutely ridiculous conclusion.

The lonely bleakness of a lighthouse on an island off the coast of Scotland is the perfect setting for the equally bleak “The Vanishing” (2019). The keepers of the light – through no fault of their own – suddenly have a secret to keep as well. Things rapidly degenerate from there, in a Hitchcock-like descent into violence and paranoia, unfolding like so many other movies where a handful of people are trapped somewhere. But there’s something missing. It’s like a slasher movie without a slasher. Things seem to be building toward something, but we never get there. It’s us who are trapped.

If you skip your daughter’s cello recital to do big-time lawyer stuff, some CIA-trained psychopath is going to kill half of Philadelphia. That is the main lesson to be learned from “Law Abiding Citizen”(2009), in which Jamie Foxx is the big-time lawyer and Gerard Butler is the CIA-trained psychopath. I might be oversimplifying. I was too caught up in all the big, sloppy revenge Butler was taking on an American legal system that promotes expediency over justice (I am a long-time fan of big, sloppy revenge). If the sloppiness makes you feel guilty, the ending will bail you out.