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When “Super Size Me” was released in 2004, the whole reality/documentary thing was fresh and new. Now we have ice-truckin’ deadly-catchin’ cable shows dedicated to someday (hopefully?) capturing the first death live on air (George Clooney once said there will eventually be a Snuff TV channel). Watching Morgan Spurlock gorge himself on Big Macs for a month until he has liver damage was pretty edgy stuff six years ago. Like with any activist documentarianism, we’ll never know what he edited out (I think he ate more than three “meals” a day), but compared to Michael Moore, it’s pretty good journalism.

Remember when we used to debate who was the better Batman? Clooney? Keaton? Ummm, Kilmer? And then, in 2005, came the Dark Knight trilogy, with “Batman Begins.” Bankable, big-name stars can make for good box office, but it’s the story that makes for a great movie. When Christopher Nolan rebooted the Caped Crusader, he made the story less like the cartoonish 1960s TV series and more like the brooding comic books. And he surrounded a relative B-lister, Christian Bale, with stellar cast of character actors. Because if the story’s good enough, Batman is the only bankable big name you need.

Can’t anybody give a speech in a movie? Not a monologue. A speech. Room full of people, notecards, PowerPoint, whatever. Make your point and step away. No! There’s the Speech 180, where Actor stops in the middle and instead speechifies about the moral epiphany which caused them to reject whatever they were originally speechifying about. Or the Raincheck, where Actor stops, silently epiphanizes and rushes off to their sweetie. I was really liking “Up in the Air” (2009) until George Clooney pulls a Raincheck. But sweetie shoots him down! Ha! It made me start liking the movie all over again.