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If Nicholas Sparks had written “Nell,” it would have ended up being “Where the Crawdads Sing” (2022). That’s an observation, not a value judgement. Actually, “Crawdads” is a very watchable contribution to the box-of-Kleenex film genre. It loves its setting in the Carolina marshes and the setting loves it right back, providing a sense of place that nourishes a formulaic fusion of class conflict, forbidden romance and courtroom procedural. Daisy Edgar-Jones welcomes us into her character, the star-crossed Marsh Girl, allowing us to focus on her journey instead of the simplistic plot devices that serve as all the other characters.

The death of boomer masculinity occurred somewhere near the 105-405 interchange. For years, Michael Bay has been a high priest of action filmdom, preaching a holy Hollywood trinity of bullets, testosterone and helicopters (lots of helicopters). Today’s action market is dominated, however, by a spandex-clad rainbow coalition playacting stories created and curated by nerds and geeks. Bay’s unsuccessful “Ambulance” (2022) brings cops, robbers and EMTs to a bank heist, then takes us on one of his patented, never-ending, catastrophic car chases. The awkward, tiresome Cain-and-Abel subplot featuring Yabya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal adds speed bumps to a chaotic movie.