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As the movie begins, the dialogue exiting Kevin Dillon’s mouth is pure, action-movie drivel. I immediately wonder, “is this Kevin Dillon acting in a B movie, or is this Kevin Dillon playing his ‘Entourage’ character, legendary B-movie actor Johnny Drama, acting in a B movie?” Wondering was better than focusing on the incoherent Bruce Willis gun porn that is “A Day to Die” (2022). Willis plays a cop (surprise), there’s corruption (surprise), Dillon’s wife is kidnapped by gangsters (surprise) and double-crossy heist hijinks ensue. With B action stalwart Frank Grillo also co-starring, Willis reinforces his current run of prolific mediocrity.

The minute the tech millionaire lays eyes on the lady in the raincoat at the grocery store, you know it’s a setup. That’s bad for “Shattered” (2022) and bad for us. What’s left is wondering how it will play out, which could have perhaps been interesting with some clever writing and a plot twist or two. Instead, it’s a gory, Internet-era rip-off of “Misery.” Granted, Kathy Bates won an Oscar playing the demented captor of a successful author. Not here. The only Oscar murderous con-woman Lily Krug deserves is Oscar the Grouch, because her performance belongs in a garbage can.