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When I remember “Remember the Titans” (2000), I remember it as being a lot better than it actually is. I gloss over the “based on a true story” bending of actual events into outright falsehoods, the Disneyfied melodrama, the insertion of musical scenes to help the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack sell better, and the general sports movie, big-game, big-speech schmaltziness. Yet the story of a Virginia high school overcoming an integration controversy to win a state football championship with a black head coach is still interesting enough to overcome the Hollywood treatment. Plus, it’s just fun watching Denzel be Denzel.

I don’t know much about Renee Zellweger (I even had to look up how to spell her last name.). I know she’s won some awards. I’ve heard she smokes and she’s batshit crazy, but I have no first-hand evidence of either. I do know that in 1996, she made a movie with Tom Cruise. Written by Cameron Crowe. A romantic comedy for guys. Every woman’s favorite football movie. She played a certain type of character. She was at a certain point in her career. Lightning in a bottle. “Jerry Maguire.” I hope she can look back on it with satisfaction.

The thing is, Odessa-Permian loses the state championship game. And if that ruins “Friday Night Lights” (2004) for you, you didn’t deserve to watch it in the first place. How good of a football movie is it? Well, with 45 minutes left in the movie, I put a carton of ice cream in the fridge to soften a little, fully intending to retrieve it 15 minutes later. I never went back to get the ice cream. And this was the third time I’ve seen this movie. It’s real life, real football, real Texas, at its best and at its worst.