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Toward the end of “The Social Network” (2010), one of the characters talks about legal depositions and emotional testimony. They say that they don’t form opinions of people based on emotional testimony because 85 percent of it is exaggerated and the other 15 percent is perjury. Interesting, since we are expected to believe this movie is a relatively factual representation of the founding of Facebook – with the entire story built around several depositions and/or hearings. It’s an interesting movie (good acting, snappy dialogue), but not as much fun when you realize it’s probably 85 percent exaggerated and 15 percent lies.

Let’s say you fall in love with Siri, but she breaks up with you. Can you go back to the Apple Store for a refund? (Asking for a friend.) With that burning question out of the way, let’s talk about “Her” (2013). The plot – a dude living in a digital-media-immersed Los Angeles falls in love with his uberSiri computer operating system – is so quirky it’s almost a distraction from all the questions it provokes. At its fascinating core, “Her” wants us to ponder the nature of love, specifically, and relationships, generally, in our Facebook age. I wonder what Siri thinks.