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Finally, an answer to the question, “What if you’d given a young Quentin Tarantino 10 tons of snow, Liam Neeson and a Liam Neeson-sized budget?” “Cold Pursuit” (2019) is a quentenssential contradiction – a dark comedy in the middle of a blizzard. This bloody adaptation of a Norwegian film starts so tragically (Liam’s defending his family again, this time after the fact), I didn’t realize it was a comedy until much later. It’s as if there were two directors steering this film in opposite directions, yet still almost making it home intact. Certainly one of the most interesting efforts of 2019.

I don’t know what I was expecting from “Beautiful Creatures” (2013). I presumed there would be teen angst. I wasn’t prepared for it to be served with a side order of witchcraft and a huge helping of philosophical musing over free will. Combined, it’s an allegory on power. The power of attraction, of love, of fate. The power to control any or all of those things in ourselves and others. And the power that teenage girls hold (or held) over us, even when it’s just an actress faking it on a screen. They can truly be bewitching. They truly can.