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“Sicario” (2015) is a cross between “Syriana” and “Man on Fire,” except “Syriana” had the idea first and “Man on Fire” is more poetic. The idea? America’s amorality in wielding its power is the reason all these poor, unwashed countries are such a pain in the ass to deal with. This one focuses on the drug trade in general and Mexico in particular. It really pisses me off when filmmakers act like America invented imperialism. Note to Denis Villenueve: History didn’t begin when you slid out of the womb. Still, those are two pretty good movies to be compared to.


This is what I get for not reading reviews or paying close enough attention to what I rent. I thought Matt Damon’s “The Adjustment Bureau” (2011) was going to be like his other spy movies, but with a sci-fi twist. Instead, it’s the demon spawn of Rod Serling and Nicholas Sparks. Actually, it’s the opposite spawn of demon spawn (angel spawn?). It’s a sci-fi love story that ends up being an allegory on the religious concept of free will. With Emily Blunt (redhead alert!). Pleasant surprises all around. Maybe it’s the non-sucky, Cruiseless spawn of “Vanilla Sky” and “Minority Report.”