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“Radio Flyer” (1992) is a heartwarming tale of child abuse and a possible suicide. Even better, it’s narrated by a dad who is telling this heartwarming tale to his own kids. Even better still is that the dad is Tom Hanks. Who thought this was a good idea? The film is filtered through a wistful haze of sepia-toned memories, supported by a fanciful musical score. Ohhh, so it’s a fairytale story of child abuse and a possible suicide. That makes it OK. The only positive is the abused young boy who (maybe) commits suicide grows up to be Frodo Baggins.


“Forever Young” (1992) is like a labradoodle. It’s a harmlessly cute cross-breed (the result of mating romantic comedy with science fiction). What’s amazing is how easily this film could have become mutant offspring. You’ve got Mel Gibson as a 1939 test pilot who agrees to get cryogenically frozen after his girlfriend falls into a coma, then gets accidentally thawed out after he’d been accidentally forgotten for 50 years. Hijinks ensue: culture shock, military conspiracies, awkward romance, etc. Thankfully, every time the plot could have crashed and burned, the filmmakers pull back on the throttle, so to speak. “Forever Young.” Labradoodle.