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If “Happy Christmas” (2014) is a Christmas movie then all y’all need to shut the hell up about saying “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas movie. “Happy Christmas” happens to take place at Christmas, but it’s really just a character study about a ne’er-do-well layabout sibling that brings joy to a mundane home when not almost burning it down. Anna Kendrick is the ne’er-do-well and Melanie Lynskey (priceless in “Two and a Half Men”) is the sister-in-law who could use something/someone to rouse her from a post-partum funk. Every generation has these types of middling dramedies. This one’s for the millennials.

People enjoy looking at Channing Tatum. That’s good, because his picture’s in the dictionary next to “derivative.” Want to see Tatum, big ass explosions and helicopters on a big screen? By all means, go and see “White House Down” (2013). Otherwise, save your money and wait for Netflix. It’s not a bad action movie (yes, I’m damning it with faint praise). But it has no original ideas. It steals its plot (and Bruce Willis’ dirty old shirt) from “Die Hard,” sprinkles in a little “True Lies” and gives you a knockoff 98 days after the release of “Olympus Has Fallen.”

“Cop Out” (2010) is a formulaic, stupid, buddy-cop movie starring Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis. It is also funny and 10 times more coherent than many comedies that have come out recently. Witty banter. Plotlines that come together. Actors that appear to be having fun (They seem to understand that they are making a movie, not curing cancer.). Strong costars (Jason Lee, Seann William Scott, Kevin Pollack). A “Die Hard” reference. Morgan is kept under the necessary amount of control. Willis is aging well. File it under escapism. Watch it when you’re tired and need something easy on the brain.