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I’d rather suffer temporary blindness for one hour and 58 minutes than watch a Diane Keaton movie. But I watched “Darling Companion” (2012) because I’m a professional. Keaton plays the type of character who screams for her daughter to pull off the interstate to rescue a stray dog (you’re shocked, I’m sure). Later, the dog strays again. The extended Keaton family searches – and learns a little something about themselves along the way (awww). The dog’s a metaphor. I don’t really give a damn what for. I’m just glad she finally stopped talking. Diane Keaton, I mean. The dog doesn’t talk.

Whatever it is that movie snobs love about Diane Keaton is probably the opposite of what I love about Jennifer Aniston. Guess what I thought about “Just Go With It,” Aniston’s 2011 romantic comedy with Adam Sandler? The plot is like a too-long episode of “Three’s Company” (physical comedy – bleh) but I still end up rooting for her to win the guy (Like she couldn’t do better than Sandler? Like Brooklyn Decker’s pneumatic vacuousness is competition? Talk about willing suspension of disbelief!). Anyway, whatever she’s selling, I’m buying, even when she’s trying play a put-upon single mom. Must. Suspend. Disbelief.