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It’s interesting when a star makes the leap to producer/writer/director. Katie Holmes doubled down on the challenge by making her three-way a pandemic rom-com. She deserves credit for taking a jab at territory most filmmakers remain hesitant to touch, but “Alone Together” (2022) feels a little forced. The setup makes perfect rom-com sense: while escaping New York at the outset of the pandemic, an Upper West Side writer (of course) and a recently jilted blue-collar dude end up at a double-booked Airbnb in the middle of nowhere. Alas, not enough romantic tension, plus pandemic deaths put a damper on hijinks.

The thing is, Odessa-Permian loses the state championship game. And if that ruins “Friday Night Lights” (2004) for you, you didn’t deserve to watch it in the first place. How good of a football movie is it? Well, with 45 minutes left in the movie, I put a carton of ice cream in the fridge to soften a little, fully intending to retrieve it 15 minutes later. I never went back to get the ice cream. And this was the third time I’ve seen this movie. It’s real life, real football, real Texas, at its best and at its worst.