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And some people say I’m resistant to change! In “Edmond” (2005), William H. Macy plays a mild-mannered, big-city office worker who finds out his meeting tomorrow has been bumped back. Next thing you know, he’s haggling hookers over sex while becoming a knife-wielding, nonsense-soliloquizing, homicidal maniac. It’s like “Falling Down” fell down. And can’t get up. Because Macy stabbed it. And then talked it to death. The incessantly pretentious chattiness comes courtesy of David Mamet’s play, which he adapted to somehow be even more like a play. Everyone sounds like they’re Capital A Acting, even when they’re committing a felony.

When it first came out, I watched “Entourage.” At some point, I stopped watching it. (Maybe I dropped HBO, maybe it moved to a different time, I don’t remember.) So while I’m familiar with the story, I don’t have the bromantic attachment that long-time watchers did (or do). The 2015 cinematic update? It’s decent – and probably better if you had never seen the TV show. All the better to experience the Hollywood superagent-turned-mogul played by Jeremy Piven. After all, the show was never about heartthrob Vincent Chase and his buddies. It was Ari’s world. They were just living in it.