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I hate to say it, but watching “Body Cam” (2020) made me wish I was watching a film with a more interesting plot device involving police officer body cameras. For example, a movie shot entirely with body cam and dashboard cam video would be cool. The film I was watching was boring. It was a police procedural hiding inside a horror flick (or maybe vice versa). It touches on hot topics (officer-involved shootings, PTSD) but not in an interesting way. Mary J. Blige stars as a cop and shows limited acting range, but no worse than any other B-movie star.

There are some halfway-decent actors doing a good job with interesting characters in “Force of Nature” (2020). Emile Hirsch is a cop with PTSD, Mel Gibson is a salty, retired NYPD cop who knows Hirsch’s backstory, and Kate Bosworth is Gibson’s slightly-less-salty doctor daughter. Unfortunately, the plot is moronically half-baked (crime gang going after Nazi plunder during a Puerto Rican hurricane, with narration from some idiot weatherman or DJ or something). Ultimately, it becomes a trying-to-escape-the-bad-guys story. I wish someone would have helped Bosworth, Gibson and Hirsch’s characters escape to a different movie so I could have watched that instead.