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Is it possible to give an over-the-top performance when your character is a male model? What about a fashion designer? Or a talent agent? There’s so much scenery chewing going on in “Zoolander” (2001) you almost become numb to it and actually pay attention to the plot. Almost. To say it’s stupid is to say grass is green. But, you ask, what about crabgrass? It’s brownish. And what about that weird albino grass that grows under the kiddie pool when you leave it in the front yard for too long? To that, I say “Zoolander” is right up your alley.


A pair of second-rate Chicago lounge singers witness a mob murder and hide out as drag queens in West Hollywood. Hijinks ensue. “Connie and Carla” (2004) is pretty much that simple but it actually isn’t half bad. I always enjoy Nia Vardalos doing her vulnerable, star-crossed thing. A lot of the acting is schticky, but drag queens can get away with it. David Duchovny looks completely uncomfortable throughout as a drag queen’s straight brother (It’s either brilliant acting or a case of “why am I in this movie?”). Unfortunately, the plot completely derails into a sloppy mess of an ending.