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The soundtrack and animation in “The Bad Guys” (2022) are top notch. That’s a good thing, because the plot is warmed-over sitcom material, hidden behind an “Ocean’s Eleven” mask (with the “Star Trek” episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” thrown in). There’s a group of celebrity criminals. One tries to go clean and finds out it’s actually more rewarding than being bad (hijinks ensue). In the sitcom, the spell is eventually broken. I won’t spoil the film for you. There’s really not much more to say. It’s slickly done, but that’s easy when you’re just heisting other movies and TV shows.

I got to the end of “Table 19” (2017) with Anna Kendrick and was wondering if anybody felt the “Breakfast Club at a wedding reception” vibe (it wasn’t subtle), so I Googled some reviews (even though, to avoid confirmation bias, I usually don’t read reviews) and, like, EVERYBODY got the “BC” references – but not in a good way. Ahem. Buzzkill. So, anyway, all I know is that I always stop at some point during a movie to fetch dessert from the kitchen. Tonight, I had a brownie and ice cream sitting in the fridge. The ice cream ended up melting.

You know how you want to laugh when you hear somebody fart in public, but you know you shouldn’t, so you just smile and grit your teeth until you hear somebody else laugh, and then you let out a torrent of giggles? Well, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” (2015) is 93 minutes of that. (There’s even a scene where somebody farts. Go figure.) It’s not for the straitlaced. Anyway, the title is the plot, they say “dick” and “fuck” about 375 times, sequel hijinks ensue, and if you harbor any sense of subversion whatsoever, you will occasionally laugh out loud.