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Irish humor is an acquired taste, best acquired by birth. It’s no easy feat, arrogantly straddling the line between authenticity and tactlessness. Thus, an Irish comedy about an unwed mother in a chaotic, working-class family might not be everyone’s cup of tea. “The Snapper” (1993) is an amusing, upbeat film for the right audience. Colm Meaney is earnestly oblivious in helming his large brood, similar to the American dads of TV sitcoms. Tina Kellegher is the daughter whose pregnancy drives the story. She’s incorrigible enough to prevent the film from spiraling into dramedy territory, and we’re the better for it.

Remember that great film with the undercover cop and the huge plot twist? Remember how you hadn’t seen the movie, but your buddy had, so he launched into an excruciatingly boring synopsis that completely ruined it? “Confession” (2022) is that. The synopsis, not the movie. Bleeding man walks into a Boston church and commences talking. The priest joins in. So does a bleeding woman. There’s guns, talking, hidden agendas and obfuscation, and more talking. About fatherhood, priesthood, vengeance, duty, dirty cops, crime syndicates – everything but the Sawks. And then a moronically convoluted plot twist. Your buddy’s a really bad explainer.

The first time Daniel Craig is handed a gun in “Layer Cake” (2005), he briefly prances around like he’s 007 or something. That would still be a year or so away. We get to see him command a stage while on the wrong side of the law in this classic British gangster flick. There’s a much-coveted shipment of drugs and lots of double-crossing, just like in most gangster flicks, including the bad ones. The good ones let you follow along just closely enough to think you know what’s going on, when you really, really, don’t. This is a good one.