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“About Last Night” (2014) is an Afrocentrically ensembled reboot of a 1986 relationships movie that was part chick flick and part dude flick (even though we all know that any movie that is even 1 percent chick flick is all chick flick). This one attempts the same strategy. But let’s talk about its de facto star, Kevin Hart. I sense he knows a little Kevin Hart goes a long way (ha, ha, get it – he’s short). He’s impressively able to dial back his schtick just enough to not get on your nerves. He makes this extremely average movie worth watching.

A lot of “Sopranos” fans will enjoy David Chase’s 2012 film, “Not Fade Away.” Unless you hated the way the TV series ended and/or have a general aversion to quirky endings. In that case, don’t watch it. It’s a New Jersey movie co-starring James Gandolfini, but it’s not a mob movie. It’s a coming-of-age period piece that traces the 1960s rock-and-roll revolution. It’s kinda like if Bryan Adams’ song “Summer of ’69,” unfolded over several years. Gandolfini is good as a dad staring into the generation gap. There are times you want to smack John Magaro, who plays his son.