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Sometimes I wonder what happened to Chris Tucker. Then I realize that he was just a prototype that got mothballed when the smaller, more powerful Kevin Hart was released. Tucker’s career is pretty much defined by “Rush Hour” (1998), a standard, 1990s buddy-cop action flick. He’s in full Hollywood Shuffle mode playing a motormouthed Eddie Murphy for a cheap rip-off of “Beverly Hills Cop.” There are typical international crime hijinks and even a heavyset nemesis detective with a handlebar mustache. Fortunately, layered on top of that mediocrity is Jackie Chan’s incredibly choreographed fight scenes. It’s worth seeing just for those.

“The Fifth Element” is a satisfying 1997 save-the-world, sci-fi movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Well, except for a peacenik moment at the end, which briefly takes itself waaaay too seriously. Bruce Willis plays the usual – a wisecracking lug with a heart of gold and fists of fury. Gary Oldman plays the villain, the evil offspring of Adolf Hitler and Mr. Rogers. Tiny Lister is HNIC (nuff said). Chris Tucker is a flamboyantly androgynous radio announcer (aren’t they all?) and Milla Jovovich is a supreme being with a supremely small wardrobe. There’s also a Luke Perry sighting (don’t blink).