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We’re in another cycle where if seems like half of low-budget Hollywood is trying to make a pseudo-pacifist statement about the military-industrial complex. This time around, all the soldiers are broken heroes, pawns suffering the toll of toxic masculinity and/or politics and/or late-stage capitalism. Ironically, these are mostly action films that devolve into the trusty gun porn known to make Hollywood producers rich. Chris Pine produces and stars in “The Contractor” (2022) as a wounded warrior who takes a mercenary job to try to make ends meet for his family. What happens? See above. Kiefer Sutherland is the bad guy.

I could spend half the night crafting an argument that “Wonder Woman” (2017) is a metaphor for Cold War geopolitics, but this blog is not called “One Million Word Reviews” (thankfully). So let’s start by saying it’s a pretty good action movie and a pretty good setup for a bunch of lucrative sequels. I’ll bypass all the Girl Power raving because that ground has been heavily trod by others. I will say that special effects and the Hollywood business model have both evolved to the point that a female action hero franchise is plausible, and its novelty makes it refreshing.

You watch a simple, elegant movie like “Bottle Shock” (2008) and you think to yourself, “movie-making isn’t as hard a process as some people say it is.” Get some good actors, a good script, some pretty scenery and that’s that. I mean, heck, I grilled and ate a T-bone steak, drank a growler of beer, talked to my sister on the phone, and posted a blog (not this blog, a different blog that actually pays money) all while watching this movie and I never once got confused, lost interest or stopped liking it. And it’s just a movie about wine.