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My dad – rest his soul – loved “action” movies like “211” (2018). I put “action” in quotations because the “action” consists of supposedly trained people aimlessly firing weapons and blowing shit up for 75 percent of a movie that has no plot and is simply a mishmash of cliche movie characters (old cop, new cop, troubled youth, concerned mom, paramilitary bad guys, etc.) thrown together to speak lines that seem to come from a random dialogue generator. Dad loved movies like this because he didn’t feel guilty about falling asleep during them. Sorry, Nicolas Cage. You’re a couple years too late.

It was filmed 20 miles from my old house, so, to prevent bias, you tell me how sucky “Chill Factor” (1999) is: An army colonel named Brynner spends 10 years in Leavenworth and comes out with Yul Brynner’s accent. Glass vials full of a chemical weapons agent get dropped on highway asphalt and don’t break. Said chemical agents cannot get warmer than 50 degrees or they will detonate, but the movie’s heroes decide to leave a diner – which has a walk-in freezer – and instead drive all over Montana with them. Plus, you have the dude from “Hardcastle and McCormick.” Well?