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There have been a lot of these movies. You know, pick from the following create-a-story list: the hapless protagonist, the crime, the double-cross, the mistaken identity, the triple-cross, the bigger crime, the mobsters/cartel, the feds, the plot twist, etc. It becomes a comedy of errors, on one level or another. You know. There have been a lot of them. But the films that can spin enough of those a la carte plates to keep things interesting without making a mess are really good. Like “Gringo” (2018). David Oyelowo is the perfect hapless protagonist. Please ignore the violations of car-wreck physics.

The thing about spy movies is that the willing suspension of disbelief is often abused (She’s a double-agent! No, wait! A triple-agent! In a double cross! No, wait! A triple cross!). The thing about movies based on a comic book is that they’re more worried about setting up a franchise than telling a cohesive story. The confluence of these two dilemmas is “Atomic Blonde” (2017), a delicious piece of eye candy that turns out to be empty cinematic calories. Not that it isn’t interesting. It’s like a Charlize Theron action-hero highlight reel. But it’s not a real movie. Too bad.

If you are an adolescent male who is into comic books and video games and all that crap, “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015) is for you. The fact that I referred to those trappings as “all that crap” identifies me as someone to whom this film did not appeal. I would have been better off watching the original “Mad Max” or perhaps even “The Gauntlet” instead. The coarsening of society is reflected in the coarsening of movie reboots. This is a blood-splatteringly ugly movie with a thin story, enough to keep me vaguely interested, but not enough to truly care.