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I can’t imagine the American Society for Depressed People was too keen on “First Reformed” (2018). I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve been Googling “methods of suicide.” Writer-director Paul Schrader was trying to make some kind of perverse statement that Jesus would be an environmental extremist if he were around today, but ends up making an even more perverse argument that suicide is contagious. What begins as a character study of a depressed pastor gets progressively lazier as said pastor gets progressively drunker, until he (or we) starts imagining things. Supporting characters are one-dimensional handmaidens to Ethan Hawke’s affected performance.

Ah, the Fish Out Of Water story. White kid in a black neighborhood. Poor kid in a rich family. Cool guy with a bunch of nerds. Or, in the case of “Man of the House” (2005), straight-arrow Texas Ranger Tommy Lee Jones stuck with a quintet of flaky Longhorns cheerleaders. And wouldn’t you know it, hijinks ensue and everyone learns a little something about themselves. Along the way, several people get shot, a meth lab and a van blow up (two different blow-ups, the lab wasn’t in the van – this isn’t “Breaking Bad”) and a tour bus crashes. Yee haw!