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When Catherine Zeta-Jones does these double-cross movies, I always get confused by the plot. (So maybe my mind drifts a little as I gaze at her. Sue me.) Anyway, she’s not the only gorgeous thing in “Entrapment” (1999). There’s Sean Connery, as a cat burglar extraordinaire. And there’s Will Patton’s copstache, which carries more testosterone than an entire GNC store. OK, OK, the plot: she’s planning multiple capers and double-crossing the insurance company she works for, and maybe the FBI, and maybe Connery. And Ving Rhames is double-crossing people, too, but I can’t tell who the hell he works for.

In “Broken City” (2013), everybody’s dirty. Everybody has a secret. (Except for Alona Tal. She’s just adorable.) What was I saying? Oh, yeah, “Broken City” is so dirty, it’s very hard to like. It’s like Bostonian Mark Wahlberg made this movie just to make you hate New York and everyone in it (except Alona Tal). Wahlberg and Russell Crowe have star power as a tainted cop and tainteder mayor, but the film noirish revenge/murder/double-cross plot is a mess. (Oh, and another thing. How is Kyle Chandler in every movie that Channing Tatum isn’t in all of a sudden? Dude’s prolific.)