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Sometimes you’re in the mood for a comedy that is sincerely stupid. I picked a good night to watch “The Other Woman” (2014). Plot summary: husband cheats, wife and mistress meet cute, hijinks ensue. There’s a little too much slapstick for my taste (pretty much any slapstick is too much slapstick for my taste) but there’s also some laugh-out-loud funny lines. I am getting into this reinvented Cameron Diaz, who plays women who used to be hot but are now kind of played out. And I can’t stand Leslie Mann, in any movie, ever, yet I couldn’t stop watching her.

I’ve latched onto something about recent romantic comedies. If Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel are both in the movie, it doesn’t suck. “Friends with Benefits” was the first one I saw, and now “Bad Teacher” (2011). What an unexpected surprise. I had been brainwashed into disliking Cameron Diaz, but she is a skinny, shot-out bundle of self-mocking fun. And this movie doesn’t even become a real romantic comedy until a couple of late-game hints are followed by a climax during the denouement (what did I just say?). Timberlake is great at subtly mocking his former boy-bandiness. Segel’s just damn funny.