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“There’s Something About Mary” helped launch the modern era of bro-humor comedies (“Hot Tub Time Machine,” “The Hangover,” Seth Rogen’s entire career). In 1998, mining humor from the mentally retarded, catching your scrotum in your zipper and mistaking semen for hair gel was somewhat taboo. Now you see all that and more in the trailer for a Will Farrell flick. But “Mary” deserves credit for shock-humor originality. Cameron Diaz nails her part. And admit it, some scenes are a hoot (franks and beans; the serial killer sequence; Ben Stiller mispronouncing Brett Favre’s name). Plus, the minstrel/soundtrack is prominent and excellent.


“Feeling Minnesota” (1996) is a yucky movie about yucky people doing yucky things. Keanu Reeves, whose flatliner delivery typically doesn’t bother me all that much, sounds like he has brain damage. He and Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays his brother, stagger around like they’re possessed by that alien bug that got inside D’Onofrio in “Men in Black.” Dan Aykroyd, Cameron Diaz and Delroy Lindo appropriately bumble along as equally unlikeable supporting characters. The plot is basically just everyone screwing over each other for money. By the time the climax rolls around, you’d just like to see someone do something competently. Anything.

A middle-aged couple looking to spice things up makes a “Sex Tape” (2014), gets careless, hijinks ensue, they learn a valuable lesson about themselves, blah blah blah, the end. Hope that didn’t ruin it for you. If it did, watching the trailer reallllly ruins it. Actually, watching the trailer (which contains most of the funniest lines) and skipping the movie wouldn’t have been a bad idea for most people. However, I do like Jason Segel’s comic delivery and I’m enjoying more and more the post-modern approach Cameron Diaz is taking to her roles. But too coarse and too much slapstick.