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As the movie begins, the dialogue exiting Kevin Dillon’s mouth is pure, action-movie drivel. I immediately wonder, “is this Kevin Dillon acting in a B movie, or is this Kevin Dillon playing his ‘Entourage’ character, legendary B-movie actor Johnny Drama, acting in a B movie?” Wondering was better than focusing on the incoherent Bruce Willis gun porn that is “A Day to Die” (2022). Willis plays a cop (surprise), there’s corruption (surprise), Dillon’s wife is kidnapped by gangsters (surprise) and double-crossy heist hijinks ensue. With B action stalwart Frank Grillo also co-starring, Willis reinforces his current run of prolific mediocrity.

I thought I’d make the first 2022 film I reviewed a Bruce Willis movie. It’s hard not to. Any film that doesn’t involve comic book characters is a Bruce Willis movie. He made eight in 2021 and had eight more scheduled for 2022, including TWO sequels of one of his 2021 films. Anyway, about “American Siege.” Bruce Willis is an alcoholic sheriff in rural Georgia in the pocket of the local crime boss. A poorly planned revenge scheme leads to a hostage-taking, lots of dead bodies and an incredibly long scene that explains the film’s hot mess of a plot.

Halfway through “Hard Kill” (2020), a good-guy mercenary says, “it’s getting dark fast,” yet more than a dozen bad-guy mercenaries get killed and several banal speeches are given – and someone solves a Rubik’s Cube! – before the movie concludes. AND IT NEVER GETS DARK!!! This film also never gets interesting. Bad guys get their hands on a magic computer program so powerful it can save the world or end it. Corporate chieftain Bruce Willis hires good-guy mercenaries, who try to save the day while uttering moronic dialogue. I’m surprised Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal didn’t make this movie 30 years ago.