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In the middle of “The Devil’s Own” (1997), Brad Pitt mentions that a story he just told doesn’t have a happy ending because it’s not an American story, it’s an Irish one. I’ll let you find out for yourself which kind of story this film is, but the ending disappointed me. An IRA commander (Pitt) goes undercover in the U.S., living with a cop (Harrison Ford) and his idyllic, Irish-American family while trying to conclude an arms deal. There’s plenty of great performances amidst the irony (wife Margaret Colin particularly shines), but the plot doesn’t go out with a bang.

“Burn After Reading” (2008) is a not-very-good espionage movie with George Clooney. It’s kinda stupid, actually. But it does have a lot of people I like in it (Brad Pitt, the dude from the movie about the guy who plays the drum, Frances what’s-her-face, John Malkovich), and there are some characters that made me laugh. It wasn’t like I thought two hours of my life had been stolen. But when it was over, I was like: “What was up with that?” Then I reminded myself it was a Coen brothers movie, which means that probably nothing was up with anything.

There’s a sexy/macho passing of the torch that takes place between Robert Redford and Brad Pitt during “Spy Game” (2001) and it’s not subtle. Redford’s last day as a CIA operative before retirement, Pitt goes rogue, yada, yada, yada. Usual spy stuff. The old master spy somehow gets the best of an entire agency full of spies (exemplified by lots of lame, stock bureaucrat types in dark suits). Still, not a bad flick. We do like our underdogs. Good tension. Tony Scott directs, and within this film, we catch a faint whiff of something. That something became “Man on Fire.”