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An unlikable person committing unlawful acts unrepentantly doesn’t sound like a winning premise for a movie. Especially not if it’s a drama starring Melissa McCarthy in bad hair and worse makeup. And yet “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” works. And I mean it works on multiple levels. Forging letters by famous people? Instead of not caring, the obscurity became fascinating. McCarthy playing the aseptic Lee Israel? Instead of rolling my eyes, I couldn’t remove them from her car wreck of a life. Added bonuses: a couple of solid supporting characters, just a touch of Manhattan scenery and subtle, jazzy soundtrack.

If someone had made a sequel to “Team America World Police,” it would have sucked. How about waiting 14 years and then doing a police procedural with pervy puppets and some human actors? That might not suck. And thus we have “The Happytime Murders” (2018). It’s terrible, awful, raunchy, funny, satirical – and oddly topical, if you catch the absurdist racial subtext – but it definitely doesn’t suck. If the premise doesn’t appeal to you, don’t watch it. If the hilarious shock of parody hardcore puppet sex hasn’t worn off in the years since “Team America,” come enjoy it all over again.

You’re judged by the company you keep. When the movie trailers include “Kindergarten Cop 2” (What? I know, right?) and “Honey 3” (There are two others?), you know you’re probably about to watch a self-indulgent gift from a superstar comic actress to her not-as-successful comic husband (Oops – did I say that out loud?). “The Boss” involves a rich lady who gets her comeuppance and learns something about herself while hijinks ensue. It stars a rich lady (Melissa McCarthy) working off a script by Mr. McCarthy (a.k.a., Ben Falcone). Falcone also directs (so his vision could reach full fruition, I’m sure).