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Ever watch a thinly written, boring Western and feel like you’re watching a longish episode of a low-rated, late-1970s TV show instead of a 2021 movie? If you desire that feeling, spend some time with “Catch the Bullet.” A bank robber with a score to settle kidnaps the son of a legendary marshal and sets out for the badlands. Put-your-eye-out hijinks ensue. The entire no-name cast (except for Tom Skerritt) is in Energy Saver mode as they ride horses and/or walk and/or have boring conversations, or a combination of thereof. For variety, there’s cutaways to long shots of boring landscape.

OK, so I was about 35 minutes into “Copycat” (2008), an absolutely godawful straight-to-video movie about serial killers. There’s an overlong, seemingly random scene with some dude playing Jeffrey Dahmer. (The whole movie seems like some form of pornography for 14-year-olds who would rather watch bloody deaths than naked bimbos.) But anyway, there’s Dahmer, having a random conversation with himself. He keeps saying “turn it off, turn it off.” Given my limited knowledge of serial killers, I know they always listen to the voices. So I listened to the dude who listens to the voices. I turned it off.