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The interesting thing about “Mad Max” (1980) is that Max is only mad for a few scenes at the end of the film. Talk about a slow buildup. It’s a cheaply made, poorly acted, abysmally edited cross between a police procedural and a sci-fi flick. And don’t get me started about the sound editing. It’s full-bore, Spaghetti Western quality (who knew Australian needed to be dubbed into English?). All that adds up to the perfect B movie, which is why it was such a cult classic, why it spawned a big-budget franchise and why it made Mel Gibson a star.

Oh, “Money Plane” (2020), you’re so bad, you’re good – for my creativity. You spawned a fleet of dad jokes. This caper flick, which requires a crack team of action movie cliche characters to rob a flying casino for criminals, is like a failed pilot. The double-cross-the-double-crosser plot crashes shortly after takeoff. It’s like they’re just winging it. The micro-budget production values (somewhere between bad PBS and good porn) aren’t airworthy. The real heist was whatever salaries Kelsey Grammer, Thomas Jane, Denise Richards and the Lawrence brothers (no, seriously) pulled down to play bit roles in this eye-rollingly preposterous action movie.

When I picked up a copy of “The Hurricane Heist” (2018), the first thing I thought of was “Sharknado.” But while “Sharknado” was totally committed to being the B-est of all B movies, this film is trying to be a caper flick, a disaster flick and God knows what else (What the hell is Ben Cross from “Chariots of Fire” doing as an Alabama sheriff?). So we get preposterous science, melodrama worthy of an animated graphic novel, a plot as worn out as the discarded paper money being stolen, absolutely cheesy special effects and not nearly enough B movie joy.