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It’s kind of interesting watching a film try to do an autopsy on itself while the body’s still moving. That’s what you get with “Someone Like You” (2001), a rom-com starring Hugh Jackman, Ashley Judd and a strong supporting cast (including Marisa Tomei as the wacky BFF). Judd, perennially jilted, decides to take a scientific approach, deconstructing men’s romantic misbehavior (they’re cows with a hard-wired aversion to monogamy). Pre-Google mistaken identity hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, we’re all sitting there knowing she’s going to hook up with frenemy Jackman in the end (don’t act like I spoiled it – you knew it, too).

Truth be told, it’s absolutely unnecessary to review “A Dog’s Way Home” (2019). It’s PG, CG and PC, a celebration of dogs, diversity and (melo)drama. If you like these kinds of wholesome movies, you’ll like this one no matter how exploitatively mediocre it is (hint, hint). If you’re film tastes are more artistic and/or cynical, you don’t need a review to tell you to pass on it. But anyway, a pit bull mutt puppy gets adopted, arrested, rescued, lost, re-adopted, etc., etc., with an avalanche and hapless animal control officer hijinks thrown in. It gives you exactly what you’d expect.