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Anson Mount the actor is not related to Rick Mount the basketball legend, but Anson gets to play in a hitman version of March Madness in “The Virtuoso” (2021). He’s struggling with a bad outcome from a recent job and a client thinks a little competition (and Abbie Cornish) will make him feel better. Mount has a great voice, almost too good. Sometimes he sounds like an automated attendant. This complicates his role as the film’s main narrator, since I almost felt like I was watching a hitman documentary. Or maybe a commercial for an upscale product preferred by hitmen.

C.S. Lewis was a craftsman of language. The Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger film that chronicles Lewis’ ill-fated, late-life love affair, “Shadowlands” (1993), embodies craftsmanship worthy of the author. The immersion into 1950s English academe, with its old marble, polished wood, tweedy coats and smoking pipes, is total. Perhaps its only fault is that it’s so polished it might come off as bloodless. Also, it’s “based on a true story,” so Lewis fans will have to accept the time compression that occurs for the sake of dramatization, but unlike some films, you don’t feel as though you’re being lied to.

Between Alice Eve’s flatliner performance and Al Pacino’s worst accent ever (Jesus Christ! Would all these Yankee thespian geezers stop trying to do Southern accents once and for all!?! I’m looking at you, too, De Niro!) I have almost nothing good to say about “Misconduct” (2016). (Malin Akerman occasionally sticks out as the crazy ex-girlfriend – that’s it.) Josh Duhamel is a lawyer in over his head. Eve is his wife. Pacino, his boss. There’s some sorta film noiry, sorta Fatal Attractiony, sorta Grishamy plot twisty stuff, but it’s mostly a mess. Evil CEO type Anthony Hopkins patiently endures it all.