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So maybe the baby boomers and the millennials can get along. In “All Nighter” (2017), an old-school master of the universe is forced to team up with the snowflake ex-boyfriend of his daughter. Hijinks ensue and everyone learns a little about themselves in a tidy 86 minutes. Lest that description so too lame-o, well, actually, this movie is a little bit lame-o. You probably wouldn’t have needed trigger warnings or a safe room in order to watch it (Unless you recently broke up with a significant other. In that case, tough shit.). But there are a few laugh-out-loud funny moments.

There’s something decidedly pathetic about sitting at home (on a Saturday night!), eating ice cream (from the carton!), and watching a movie about a one-night stand. You’re welcome, because I’m about to recommend “Two Night Stand” (2014), a somewhat self-conscious film about a somewhat self-conscious slacker chick (Analeigh Tipton) who picks a bad night for a good time. Miles Teller mixes snappy dialogue with a dash of hijinx. Someone once told me I don’t like funny movies, I like witty movies (and they only partially meant it as a compliment – I mean like 51 percent partially). I liked this movie.