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There aren’t that many unsympathetic cancer sufferers in filmdom, yet Grace Gummer manages that feat as Daniel Radcliffe’s whiny wife in “Beast of Burden,” one of the worst movies of 2018. Radcliffe isn’t much more sympathetic, playing a dishonorably discharged pilot ferrying drugs as part of a DEA double-cross. The poorly edited story plays like an extra-long trailer for a four-hour film that would have been unbearable to sit through. Most of it takes place via radio/cellphone conversation from the pilot’s bumpy cockpit – a good idea wasted. If you want to see a pilot haul contraband, choose “American Made” instead.

It’s unfortunate Tom Cruise’s personal life created so much baggage for filmgoers to carry into the theater (or keep them out of the theater altogether), because the dude can still make a good movie when given the proper material. As I’m watching “American Made” (2017), a film you could appropriately describe as rollicking in its portrayal of the early 1980s drug trade and CIA meddling in Central America, I was taken by how little Cruise did to his appearance and yet how totally I bought him as a swinging 1970s Cajun airline pilot. It looks easy, but it’s not easy.