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Back in 2005, when there was more of a distinction between theater movies and TV movies, longtime television star and second-tier cinematic leading man Tom Selleck began TV movie franchise based on Robert B. Parker’s detective novels. Although formulaic, “Jesse Stone: Stone Cold” benefits from Parker’s rich dialogue, as well as Viola Davis and Mimi Rogers in supporting roles. Selleck gets to play something familiar (a sleuth, this time as a small-town Massachusetts police chief) yet not (one with a drinking problem and a sordid past). It’s good, as far as TV movies go, back when there was a distinction.

Most people like happy endings. Me? I’d just like any kind of ending. Which is what makes “Broken Flowers” (2005) unsatisfying. Other than that, it’s relatively funny. Bill Murray does his usual schtick. He’s a reclusive millionaire who visits a bunch of women he slept with years ago, trying to figure out if he had a son with any of them. Sharon Stone is enjoyable as a Nascar-widowed, wine-swilling, trashy single mom. Her teenage daughter’s full-frontal jailbate scene had me rushing to to see how old she was in real life… 21… whew, now I don’t feel so creepy.