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I once argued in a high school lit class that readers see symbolism in places where authors never intended. A nun once told me that if you’re looking for a sign, you can find it anywhere. As I watch “The Hummingbird Project” (2019), I see a film that’s very small (a look at nanosecond-driven, algorithmic stock trading) and very large (an audacious plan to build a thousand-mile, high-speed, fiber-optic pipeline). But there are also symbols (cue the rain) of life and death and greed and genius that are spoilers – or exist only in my mind – so I won’t mention them.

I often refer to movies such as “War on Everyone” (2017) as an “odd duck.” It’s a modern, buddy-cop action flick with a corrupt-cop twist. Simple enough. But it’s strewn with so many unexplained 1970s callbacks (cars, hair, underwear, interior decorating), I was waiting for Starsky to jump out of the hutch. And then there’s all the superfluous philosophical references and surprisingly sharp dialogue that’s around 50 IQ points above the characters speaking those lines. And the over-the-top violence is so stylized, I was sure the script was based on a graphic novel. Yet it all works, somehow. Odd duck.