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You watch a simple, elegant movie like “Bottle Shock” (2008) and you think to yourself, “movie-making isn’t as hard a process as some people say it is.” Get some good actors, a good script, some pretty scenery and that’s that. I mean, heck, I grilled and ate a T-bone steak, drank a growler of beer, talked to my sister on the phone, and posted a blog (not this blog, a different blog that actually pays money) all while watching this movie and I never once got confused, lost interest or stopped liking it. And it’s just a movie about wine.

In “Truly Madly Deeply” (1990), a London woman has difficulty coping with the sudden death of her husband. Until she doesn’t. The end. Not sold? Sorry. I found it more of an interesting psychological study in mourning than a good love story. The paranormal hijinks are awkward. I think it was shooting for “Ghost” with a British accent, but missed the mark. The music is good. Alan Rickman (husband) is O.K., but could have been better. Sweet-faced Juliet Stevenson plays the widow and you’ll go away wondering why she wasn’t/isn’t in more movies (she does a lot of U.K. TV).