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It’s presumptuous to announce in April the worst movie of 2017, so let’s just say “Arsenal” is the leader in the clubhouse. (Spoiler alert: It’s not about the soccer team.) A bunch of B-list actors (Cage, Cusack, Grenier) and some meathead I never heard of (Schaech) perform a Mississippi Delta white trash version of the good brother, bad brother film conceit. Awful dialogue. Bad (Cage, Schaech) and/or indifferent (Cusack, Grenier) acting. Obscenely bloody, stylized violence that seems geared toward 16-year-old gamers. Question: Why would they watch this crappy movie when pretty much any bloodbath video game is better than this?

When it first came out, I watched “Entourage.” At some point, I stopped watching it. (Maybe I dropped HBO, maybe it moved to a different time, I don’t remember.) So while I’m familiar with the story, I don’t have the bromantic attachment that long-time watchers did (or do). The 2015 cinematic update? It’s decent – and probably better if you had never seen the TV show. All the better to experience the Hollywood superagent-turned-mogul played by Jeremy Piven. After all, the show was never about heartthrob Vincent Chase and his buddies. It was Ari’s world. They were just living in it.