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Either my standards are getting lower, or some of these R-rated, twentysomething-targeted comedies are getting funnier. “30 Minutes or Less” (2011) has a detailed but understandable plot, quirky characters and lots of snappy dialogue (Between all the f-bombs. It is what it is.). Maybe the producers felt they needed the story to be better than a typical Sandler/Apatow effort due to the B-list cast (Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, the dude from the Facebook movie, etc.). Or maybe my mind was in a fog after a lapdance scene that happened early on and starred the brunette chick from “Rules of Engagement.”

Whatever it is that movie snobs love about Diane Keaton is probably the opposite of what I love about Jennifer Aniston. Guess what I thought about “Just Go With It,” Aniston’s 2011 romantic comedy with Adam Sandler? The plot is like a too-long episode of “Three’s Company” (physical comedy – bleh) but I still end up rooting for her to win the guy (Like she couldn’t do better than Sandler? Like Brooklyn Decker’s pneumatic vacuousness is competition? Talk about willing suspension of disbelief!). Anyway, whatever she’s selling, I’m buying, even when she’s trying play a put-upon single mom. Must. Suspend. Disbelief.