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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s page in Hollywood history will not talk about art. It will explain his contribution to the genre known as summertime blockbuster action films. “Eraser” (1996) might get mentioned because it’s a perfect example. Arnold must protect a federal witness (Vanessa Williams) from the four horsemen of action movies: pyrotechnics, technology, organized crime and double-crossing government officials. There’s beauty, humor, helicopters and explosions. The climax is just as implausible as the rest of the film and don’t ask me about Arnold’s accent. Just eat your popcorn and enjoy the air conditioning for two hours. It’s hot as hell outside.

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of posts that highlight repeatedly recycled film topics. I’ll post a link to these within some of my reviews in order to save words and keep from driving myself crazy writing the same thing over and over.

An action movie. The star is not American. The script calls for an American. The star plays the American but makes no effort to sound like an American. Because it’s an action movie. This. my friends, is the Schwarzenegger Problem. I can give you 100 examples of dramas in which British actors nail various American dialects, but action flicks apparently spend too much on pyro and not enough on voice coaches. It’s not just Arnold. Liam Neeson is the worst current perpetrator. It’s an unnecessary distraction. Just fix the script. Give him an immigrant backstory. Why is this so hard?

The whole time I’m watching “Vanquish” (2021), I thinking to myself, “isn’t Vanquish some kind of cold medicine or something?” Afterwards, Google confirmed it’s a medicine, but for headaches, which would be ironic if the film had made my head hurt. However, I pretty much could tell an action film with plausibility problems starring a crappy model/boxer/actress (Ruby Rose) as an elite hitwoman/courier/double-crosser with a sick kid doing the bidding of a phoning-it-in (literally!) cop/gangster/paraplegic (Morgan Freeman) with a guilt complex was going to suck, so it made me more sleepy than migrainey. Maybe they should have titled it “Sunosi.”