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Sometimes I wonder what happened to Chris Tucker. Then I realize that he was just a prototype that got mothballed when the smaller, more powerful Kevin Hart was released. Tucker’s career is pretty much defined by “Rush Hour” (1998), a standard, 1990s buddy-cop action flick. He’s in full Hollywood Shuffle mode playing a motormouthed Eddie Murphy for a cheap rip-off of “Beverly Hills Cop.” There are typical international crime hijinks and even a heavyset nemesis detective with a handlebar mustache. Fortunately, layered on top of that mediocrity is Jackie Chan’s incredibly choreographed fight scenes. It’s worth seeing just for those.

I vaguely recall a lousy sitcom plot years ago where a dude stages an event that puts a woman in danger so he can save her, and therefore win her heart. Little did I know in 2022 someone would try to twist that concept into an action flick. Who needs couples counseling when you can rescue your abducted wife? “Last Seen Alive” finds a fractious couple near the end of a long car trip when missing persons hijinks ensue. Grumpy real estate developer Gerard Butler turns into Liam Neeson, except his special skills don’t include avoiding an absolutely ridiculous conclusion.

We’re in another cycle where if seems like half of low-budget Hollywood is trying to make a pseudo-pacifist statement about the military-industrial complex. This time around, all the soldiers are broken heroes, pawns suffering the toll of toxic masculinity and/or politics and/or late-stage capitalism. Ironically, these are mostly action films that devolve into the trusty gun porn known to make Hollywood producers rich. Chris Pine produces and stars in “The Contractor” (2022) as a wounded warrior who takes a mercenary job to try to make ends meet for his family. What happens? See above. Kiefer Sutherland is the bad guy.