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The most interesting thing about “Trigger Point” (2021) is that it was produced by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, “a socially conscious company that combines storytelling with making the world a better place.” I shit you not. I guess a movie about a good CIA assassin killing a bunch of bad CIA assassins makes the fictional world a better place. Fixing the muddy backstory, cliche shadowy criminal mastermind, and highly unsatisfying ending would have made my world a better place. Barry Pepper may have a mediocre franchise on his hands, which I guess makes his world a better place.

I’m not that interested in animated stepmothers and wizards and whatever, so I haven’t seen much Angelina Jolie lately. Thus, it was nice to have her back in a movie for grownups, even if one of the main characters is a kid. In fact, Finn Little admirably performs a lot of heavy lifting as the teen target of government-enabled hitmen in “Those Who Wish Me Dead” (2021). The action mashup of gunfighters and firefighters has Jolie as a smokejumper suffering from PTSD when the aforementioned teen parachutes into her fire tower, so to speak. Huge plot holes, but fun action.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s page in Hollywood history will not talk about art. It will explain his contribution to the genre known as summertime blockbuster action films. “Eraser” (1996) might get mentioned because it’s a perfect example. Arnold must protect a federal witness (Vanessa Williams) from the four horsemen of action movies: pyrotechnics, technology, organized crime and double-crossing government officials. There’s beauty, humor, helicopters and explosions. The climax is just as implausible as the rest of the film and don’t ask me about Arnold’s accent. Just eat your popcorn and enjoy the air conditioning for two hours. It’s hot as hell outside.