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Film fans by now are likely aware there was an announcement that longtime action hero Bruce Willis would be stepping away from acting due to “aphasia.” If that’s code for dementia, I feel for Bruce and his family. Having dealt with it up-close, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It also throws a huge plot twist into unflattering perceptions about his recent choices of films (these films should still be assessed apart from his health issues). Cashing huge checks to play token roles in a plethora of mediocre movies reeks of exploitation. The question now becomes: who was exploiting who?

As the movie begins, the dialogue exiting Kevin Dillon’s mouth is pure, action-movie drivel. I immediately wonder, “is this Kevin Dillon acting in a B movie, or is this Kevin Dillon playing his ‘Entourage’ character, legendary B-movie actor Johnny Drama, acting in a B movie?” Wondering was better than focusing on the incoherent Bruce Willis gun porn that is “A Day to Die” (2022). Willis plays a cop (surprise), there’s corruption (surprise), Dillon’s wife is kidnapped by gangsters (surprise) and double-crossy heist hijinks ensue. With B action stalwart Frank Grillo also co-starring, Willis reinforces his current run of prolific mediocrity.

Spy movies. They’re all different, yet all the same, because that’s how most of the audience wants it. “The 355” (2022) goes out on a limb simply by having all the main spies be women. Subtract the eye candy, however, and there remains a boilerplate, globetrotting espionage flick. Bad guys steal a superweapon. But who exactly are the bad guys? Our protagonists form a rainbow coalition to save themselves – and also the world (of course). Jessica Chastain does Jessica Chastain things. Nobody runs out of bullets – or hits anything – except when they absolutely need to. Eye candy is comfort food.