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The journalist in me despises the real-life story of Erin Brockovich as an early example of thruthiness winning out over truth in American culture. The movie reviewer in me, however, absolutely loved “Erin Brockovich” (2000). It hits some cliche notes (David vs. Goliath stories can’t get out of their own way sometimes) but it was mostly feel-good without dumbed-down. Brockovich’s character was a tightly wrapped, crop-topped, Oscar-bound gift offered to Julia Roberts at the perfect time in her career and she accepts it in all its guileless, busty glory. Additional kudos to Albert Finney’s toupee and Aaron Eckhart’s fu manchu.

Based on his performance in “Sully” (2016), I nominate Aaron Eckhart for Best Supporting Mustache. In today’s age of media oversaturation, this is another one of those based-on-a-true-story films in which everyone is already super familiar with the “true story.” So how do you create drama? Play up Capt. Sullenberger’s wife, make the National Transportation Safety Board dude extra dicky (the birds weren’t enough of an antagonist), and plow a buncha money into special effects. Also, hope the audience can calibrate its expectations and lose itself in the re-creation of one of the all-time greatest airplane landings. Worked for me.

To call “Battle: Los Angeles” (2011) formulaic would be an insult to Euler, Pythagorus, Heron and Col. Sanders. But what the hell do you want? It’s a war movie! You take the crack military unit loaded with stock characters, throw in some potential leadership tension, put them in a no-win situation, and (Gee whiz! Spoiler alert!) watch them not only survive, but win the war singlehandedly. The only difference in any of these movies since 1940 has been the location. This time Marines are battling an invasion of Santa Monica. Maybe that’s why all the critics got so pissed off.