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Artistically, Prince’s semi-autobiographical “Purple Rain” (1984) isn’t any worse than Eminem’s hometown-kid-gets-his-break film “Eight Mile” and the music is far superior, even if some of Prince’s performances are head-scratchingly weird. Speaking of which, the eye shadow, studded jackets, teased hair and pirate shirts kinda weirded me out when I was a 1980s high schooler and I don’t think it’s gotten any different with age. But who cares what I think about fashion? This is a 111-minute music video designed to appeal to Prince devotees and sell records (for Prince, Apollonia, The Time, etc.). It did a good job of it.

In the 1980s, high school was actually more boring than we remember, but “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (1982) has been adopted as one of the definitive stories of my generation. So many scenes have been permanently absorbed into pop culture, they are too numerous to list (everyone my age has their favorites). The abortion and stoner subplots made it a controversial film at the time – and not worth an argument with my mom – so I didn’t see it in its entirety until several years after it came out. By then, I’d heard all the spoilers, but it didn’t matter.

Hey, “Edge of Seventeen” (2016). I saw what you did there. And you did it well. So I’m not going to spend the next 84 words belaboring comparisons to teen films from the 1980s. Suffice to say kids are different these days (and so are parents), but they still deserve good movies about themselves. And this is one. And a wink and a nod at the genre’s forebears signifies respect, not derivativeity. I’m also not going to continue discussing my non-sexual but age-inappropriate crush on Hailee Steinfeld, which began with “True Grit.” Suffice to say I’m glad she’s 20 now.