Ever watch a thinly written, boring Western and feel like you’re watching a longish episode of a low-rated, late-1970s TV show instead of a 2021 movie? If you desire that feeling, spend some time with “Catch the Bullet.” A bank robber with a score to settle kidnaps the son of a legendary marshal and sets out for the badlands. Put-your-eye-out hijinks ensue. The entire no-name cast (except for Tom Skerritt) is in Energy Saver mode as they ride horses and/or walk and/or have boring conversations, or a combination of thereof. For variety, there’s cutaways to long shots of boring landscape.

The first time Daniel Craig is handed a gun in “Layer Cake” (2005), he briefly prances around like he’s 007 or something. That would still be a year or so away. We get to see him command a stage while on the wrong side of the law in this classic British gangster flick. There’s a much-coveted shipment of drugs and lots of double-crossing, just like in most gangster flicks, including the bad ones. The good ones let you follow along just closely enough to think you know what’s going on, when you really, really, don’t. This is a good one.

The most interesting thing about “Trigger Point” (2021) is that it was produced by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, “a socially conscious company that combines storytelling with making the world a better place.” I shit you not. I guess a movie about a good CIA assassin killing a bunch of bad CIA assassins makes the fictional world a better place. Fixing the muddy backstory, cliche shadowy criminal mastermind, and highly unsatisfying ending would have made my world a better place. Barry Pepper may have a mediocre franchise on his hands, which I guess makes his world a better place.