Editor’s note: This is part of a series of posts that highlight storytelling techniques repeatedly recycled in film. I’ll post a link to these within some of my reviews in order to save words and keep from driving myself crazy writing the same thing over and over.

Two people (sometimes more, usually two) with very different personalities must travel a long distance. Hijinks ensue, putting the two at odds and exposing the true character in each. Travel trouble typically builds to a boiling point, which may or may not be the climax. There is an epiphany, a reconciliation and one (or both) learn a little something about themselves (aww). If we haven’t had a climax yet, we start steaming toward it. If post-climax, there’s often a twist in the denouement (ouch!). The less sappy, the better the film, but this plot structure typically leans toward the sappy.