“Identity Thief” (2013) is a “road movie.” For the umpteenth time, let me explain. Through some ridiculously implausible plot device, amismatchedpairhastotravelalongdistancetogetherandtheygetoneachothersnervesandhijinksensueandtheylearnsomethingaboutthemselvesalongtheway (it only counts as one word like this, and that’s all it deserves). A little Melissa McCarthy goes a long way. Orlando to Denver is too long. Meanwhile, Jason Bateman is trying to corner the market on uptight movie honkeys. At this point, I can’t tell whether he’s playing a new character or doing a sequel to “Horrible Bosses.” Unless you’re a big McCarthy fan (Ha! Get it?) you can pass on this one. I probably should have, too.